Chauncy Richard

Negotiator and Consultant

Finding Hidden Solutions In Complex Situations

Business & Strategy Consulting

Your trusted advocate for stellar results

Negotiation Professional

Clearing away obstacles to forge a smooth path forward


I help create the structure needed to build a solid foundation for your evolving business.


I listen and evaluate to create the most effective strategy for navigating your current challenges. 


I identify and target a team that functions as a whole, each member bringing vitally unique talents and perspectives.


I educate you on the access of funds you already have or can create.

How I Help

With a trained eye, I bring a fresh perspective and ideas to a situation that may seem impossible with the current team.  While you may be experiencing limitations, I bring the tools needed to find a way through, solve the problem and provide the pathway to previously unseen levels of success.

Who I Help

I work with Business Owners, CEO’s, Shareholders and C-Suite Executives who are looking to break through the constraints that currently serve as roadblocks.  My proven track record of success serves as an invaluable asset to any organization.

What is The Process Like?

Through active listening, I hear where you are now and understand where you want to go. You identify the ‘tools,’ available, and how they are being used. After gathering the facts, my skill is being able to analyze a competitive advantage over your competition quickly.

Together, we identify the best chronological order of your tools. I will help you remove constraints in your strategy and help you propel past your competition,  with strategized  expense cuts, and increased revenue.

1. What is your background?

I have significant experience working with global business leaders and government agencies delivering measurable business results.  I have notable expertise managing the entire lifecycle of contracts, collaboratively leading multicultural and fully integrated teams in multimillion-dollar strategic business pursuits.

2. What ways have you helped other businesses?

I have helped businesses reduce expenses and labor costs, secure government contracts, decrease lead times, secure financing, increase revenue streams and more!

3. What's the typical process look like?

We schedule a consultation session so I can learn the details of your business and the objective, goal, or desire regarding your challenge.  Additionally, we will explore any limitations (money, time, people or resources) to your challenge.

4. How much does this cost?

Depending on the complexity of the challenge, I work with clients in a variety of manners, including hourly, monthly or a hybrid arrangement.

5. How do we get started?

We start by having a 15-minute consult session.

Client Successes

Real Estate Development

Through financial forensics, I identified $12M missing in the project, helping investors build a historical timeline to seek legal action.


Services Industry

I saved my client, the buyer, $200K off the purchase price by finding that the seller violated trademark/copyright laws.


Non-Profit Organization

I traced funds through a financial forensics process, locating missing property and enabling restitution of $15M.


About Me

I am a proud mom of three adult children, and a graduate from the University of North Texas with focused studies on Criminal Justice, Finance, Pre-Law, and Real Estate.

Also, I am a published author.  My books focus on topics intended to create inquisitiveness in readers.  As long as I can remember, my passion has been helping others.

It would be an honor to get to know you and help you identify and overcome your constraints. While it may be frustrating for you, finding hidden solutions in complex situations is enjoyable to me.


I know Chauncy to be a bulldog, in all the best ways. She has an uncanny way of feeling out a good situation, and then she sticks with it until the outcome has been fully revealed. Her tenacity is unparalleled. Hard Work and Determination must certainly be her middle names.

Kim Stallings, MBA

Director of Operations/Agent, Heritage Risk Advisors

Chauncy is a woman of character and integrity. She is professional and uncompromising in the way she handles herself and her clients..

Kevin Chennault

Managing Member, Mesa Operating, LLC