Since the beginning of time, we have been seeing people change. Why they change is limited to a few variables.Relationship with Christ

Relationship with Christ

Love of money

Desire for power


We also have seen over the years, history has proven repeatedly, that most are temporary and enough is never enough-except for one. Many years ago, I got some advice from a 97-year-old, she stated “You will always see a poor person become rich; yet, rarely do you see a rich person become poor and live to tell about it.” Now that is very telling indeed.

When a person’s heart changes towards Christ, their life changes. By no means, am I saying it is a box of fairytopia, for the Bible tells us the world will hate us, if they hated Christ first. However, what I am saying is, the Bible also says Christ will never leave us or forsake us. Something that cannot be said about 2-4.

Everyone needs money to survive from roof, food and clothing to entertainment. How much, well that depends on our individual standard of living, which varies from person to person and family to family. Over your lifetime, I am quite confident you have seen and heard “everyone has a price”. What that implies is, find someone’s price and one can pretty much get them to sacrifice their beliefs, morals or values. On the contrary there are rare individuals who do not have a price that will move them off their beliefs. Throughout history we have also seen corporations, executives and influential individual down to blue collar workers who their love for money leads them down a path of destruction for not only themselves; but those whom are directly or indirectly involved. How much is enough? That is relative for each person. Coming from someone whose net worth is 25M, enough is never enough. That same person sacrificed their wife, children and friends for the ‘love of money’. Now that the man’s family is all deceased, he has come to realize, his love of money bought him comfort but never bought him love. The love he sought his entire life to obtain; and, yet he also forsakes for money.

Every see a politician who entered politics rich and retired poor? Neither have I. What we have seen over the many years, is politicians who enter politics poor and retire millionaires. Oh, the desire for power is a never-ending thirst to dominate, control and manipulate. Am I saying all politicians are evil? No. I am saying we are witnessing many of them are. Depending on the time and source one dedicates, likely will determine which politician one believes is desiring power. Remember Enron? There are many corporations who have heads that seek, strive and desire power to dominate over those working for them. There are plenty of court cases where executives or senior management knew of wrong doings; but, in efforts to save face, and keep the desire for power growing, they intentionally and willfully kept things ‘hush hush’. Only until the victims united and spoke out publicly, did the ‘hush hushers’ come forward with excuses as to why they could not or would not speak up. The desire for power is so great in some, they will sacrifice their integrity, reputation, character and anything else that gets in their way of succeeding. 

Death has a funny way of making us realize what we take for granted on a daily basis. Talk with someone who knows they are dying and they quickly have put life in perspective. Things don’t matter; yet, time with those they care about are now a priority. The money can’t buy off death and power can’t influence it to leave. Whether 1 or both of these, the dying individual will care less about them, for he knows both don’t discriminate and will abandon the sick when they need them the most. The return of feeling good and important is gone, for neither power nor money can truly buy either. It is only an illusion we feed ourselves. Death is a strong reminder of what is most important and 99% of the time has a strong influence on changing someone from the inside out. Sit with someone who knows they are within days, and most will ask for prayers for comfort and peace. Maybe forgiveness for the mistakes or wrongs they have done. 

Having witnessed many people who have changed as a result of the love of money, a desire for power and realizing death is coming to hold hands with them, 99.9% ask for prayers from Christ. The same Christ who has always been available. Standing at the door knocking while they were in hot pursuit of money and power. Whether one believes in Christ or not, we are all racing to the death line, some will just make it before others.

All of these things will change us, either for the better or for the worse. Which one, is our own individual choice. We can choose to allow it to change us for the better, or we can choose to allow it to change us into something that races and dies slowly inside. 

This I can promise you, look around and see, people are changed by these things. I just pray it changes you for the better. Inspiring others where and how you can. Uplifting others with a hand vs stepping on them with your feet. Bringing people up vs holding them down. For when we lay next to death waiting for it, to take our last breath, all these things we will be reminded of. They will either bring us a smile, or they will bring us disappointment. All of which circles back to starting within each us.