A track record of success finding financial solutions

Did you Know?

There are many different avenues of finances for every business.  I will work tirelessly to exhaust all available avenues and find the available sources of funding for your project.

My gift is being able to see the hidden financial means, best for your business, within the confined perimeters. Let me go to work for you and find the capital needed to launch the next chapter of your business.

Every Business Needs


I show you how to capture untapped capital available to you.


I educate you on under-realized or under-utilized credit. Depending on structure, many times it could be a tax advantage. 


Do you know what the missing pieces are to find the funds you need?

Chauncy will not allow anything but superior results for her clients.  She is remarkable and a pleasure to work with.

LisaKay Kaye Gurney

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