Building a Plan, Goal, and Process

Strategic Development

Every business needs a strategy. As business owners, we have a plan, goal, and process.

Does your strategy distinguish you from the competition?

After gathering the facts, my skill is to be able to analyze a competitive advantage over your competition quickly.

My goal is to help you remove constraints in your strategy and help you propel past your competition, leaving them wondering how you out strategized them, cut expenses, and increased revenue.

The Building Blocks to Success

First Things First

Through active listening, I help you identify your current state of affairs, and determine precisely where you want to go.

Identifying the Tools

Together, we will identify the ‘tools,’ available, how they are being used, and what adaptations must be made.

Beginning the Journey

Together, we map out the plan for fully utilizing all available tools at your disposal and executing a carefully constructed plan.

I worked with Chauncy Richard on a very difficult project. She gathered a huge amount of data and worked tirelessly to bring an extremely complex issue to resolution. Chauncy is hard-working, intelligent, honest, and trustworthy. She has a wide range of knowledge and expertise. I would strongly recommend Chauncy for challenging projects.

Daniel McManaman

Senior Product Engineer, Qorvo