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Due to my very demanding schedule, I missed the details. The small details could have cost me insurmountable damage. Chauncy discovered a deceptive mortgage loan officer damaging my credit standing. A mortgage company was making claims contrary to legal standards—a licensed electrician performing work below license board requirements. She managed to stop damages and assisted me in getting real estate projects back into acceptable legal practices. Exceptional service and impeccable integrity will most definitely recommend and will use again. 



Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Execs listen up! When it comes to BUSINESS FORENSICS and solving the complex financial & legal problems hacking away at your assets and energy… you NEED to book time RIGHT NOW with Chauncy Richard. It doesn’t matter AT ALL what industry you are in. Chauncy has worked intimately with many different Federal Agencies. She can foresee issues that are just WAITING to smack you in your unsuspecting face. She can, also, tell you how to resolve them before you can bat an eye. Chauncy is the real deal and the wealth of solutions she can provide you is like taking a sip out of a fire hydrant. How do I know? This Powerhouse found a hidden solution to my HUGE, weirdly complex business issue. Then, she had the know-how to tie it all together with historical data ON A NAPKIN OVER A BUSINESS LUNCH! Speaking as a fellow problem-solver, Chauncy MADE MY HEAD SPIN with her efficiency and economy. Chauncy’s talents and gifts are super-relevant to your future as a business. Why? Because if you don’t tap into her analytical and strategic planning skills RIGHT NOW, you are literally destroying your business and don’t even know it. There it is: Connect and work with Chauncy. Your business will benefit greatly from the exponential value she adds to it.

Erika Warfield

MetaGrowth Ventures

I have known Chauncy Richard for over two years. I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Chauncy on several projects. She has shown extreme dedication to whatever the task presents. She is always prompt on all occasions and is very dependable. She is not only task oriented but is very capable of thinking outside the box and instinctively knows when to interject new ideas to promote or accomplish a given program. Her communication skills are archetypical. She has the ability to make those whom she interfaces with feel comfortable and at ease explaining their opinions on any given subject. Above all, she has two very important traits. First, she is honest in all her dealings. She does what she says. Secondly, she is a finisher. Finishers are extremely rare in any line of work or business. She is not only an asset to any whom she works with, but she is a pillar of strength to any organization she is associated with.

Raymond Wilson

Owner of Morse Consulting

As someone who gets to witness the gifts in professionals come to light through my work as a Career Coach, it’s especially beautiful to see that as a recipient of their talent. Ms. Richard has one of the most strategic minds I have seen. She is fully capable to solve all business problems, for any industry, and any sized company. What I would recommend is for any new business considering the best way forward and for how to lift your “big idea” off the ground, that you contract with Ms. Richard of DivergenThinkers so you will be locked, loaded, and ready to execute as a successful business. She receives my highest recommendation.

Michelle Rademacher

Career Coach, Talent Bridgemaker, Speaker, Mentor

Chauncy has been a wonderful, authentic professionalconnector! She’s an incredible leader and expert in her field. She’s strategic, sincere and her integrity is admirable. I highlyrecommend her for her expertise, but even if you need a mentorin her, she’s got it all!

Nita Patel

Technology Leader, Writer, Author, World Renowned Artist

I worked with Chauncy Richard on a very difficult project. She gathered a huge amount of data and worked tirelessly to bring an extremely complex issue to resolution. Chauncy is hard-working, intelligent, honest, and trustworthy. She has a wide range of knowledge and expertise. I would strongly recommend Chauncy for challenging projects.

Daniel McManaman

Senior Product Engineer, Qorvo

I needed help negotiating a deal and requested assistance from Chauncy whom I knew had previous success with helping others. Not only did she assist me with structuring a negotiation both parties were happy with, it resulted in the deal closing within days. If you need creative solutions for complex problems she is your girl! She has the innate ability to identify and structure original results.

Linda Price

Procurement Manager

Chauncy is a conscience advocate for her clients, a professional entrepreneur, and a fixer with meaningful outcomes. I highly recommend Chauncy to you for your business solutions.

Marcus Ludwig

Director/VP of HR, Mark Evans HR Solutions

Chauncy is a great lady to have in your corner! Energetic, resourceful, smart and genuine. Chauncy is always willing to consult, refer and network her extensive resources in finance, business and people to enhance any valid business opportunity. In the challenge for success, there are only problems or solutions. Chauncy is a solution.

Matt Swanson

Owner, Carbon2Fuels

I have recently worked with Chauncy on an AL multi-family real estate deal and a distressed IT company in need of sound investment. Chauncy has a no-nonsense strategic approach that allows entrepreneurs the ability to structure their ideal debt and equity arraignment to help grow their company on solid financial ground. Her experience and collaboration are second to none in my humble opinion. She helps customers organize their needs, dynamically create options and sets in place the plan to achieve a pitch deck for potential investors. She utilizes investors specific to the customer’s industry with an understanding and background in that space.

Dwight Skinner

Sales Executive

Chauncy has the rare ability to see the big picture and understand the minutia at the same time. Many people are good at one or the other and it’s rare to find someone that understands the impact of the bigger picture while investigating and uncovering the details. Her knowledge and expertise in the real estate world in addition to the contacts she has made through the years make her an invaluable asset to any organization.

Julie Nicholes

Mortgage Lender

“Problem Solver” is what best describes Chauncy! She is clear with her goals, her objectives and how she can contribute. If you tell her who you are, what you do and what do you expect, she can give effective solutions. If you want to scale your business, resolve a crisis, improve productivity and efficiency, Chauncy is the right person for it. I got an opportunity to connect and discuss with her and almost instantly I realized what value she brings to the table. Her Networking and Relationship building skills are commendable. Over the years, her contributions have helped organizations from various industries. I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors.

Abhijit Joshi

Talent Acquisitions

Chauncy is very knowledgeable, personable, a delight to work with and resourceful in many areas, i.e. business development, marketing, and analysis. She came in and sized up a business situation I had been dealing with for several months and resolved it in less than a half hour.

Diana Dungy


Partner, professional, persistent. You hit the lottery when Chauncy is on your side. Her ability to see beyond the obvious opportunity and navigate them to achieve their financial and material potential is reason enough to seek her out. But you also get a sharp business mind, objective counsel, and integrity beyond comparison.

Javier Hernandez

Owner, Business Rising (Consulting)

I know Chauncy to be a bulldog, in all the best ways. She has an uncanny way of feeling out a good situation, and then she sticks with it until the outcome has been fully revealed. Her tenacity is unparalleled. Hard Work and Determination must certainly be her middle names.

Kim Stallings

Owner, Heritage Risk Advisors (Insurance)